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Access information to Aviation Careers, Aviation Colleges, Flight Training, Aviation Scholarships to finding Aviation Jobs and more at AvScholars.com. AvScholars.com is your one-stop resource for pursuing a career within the aviation industry. There are over 18 Channels for you to choose from to jump start your aviation career.

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Careers in Aviation

Explore Careers in Aviation and access information to various aviation careers' job descriptions, daily responsibilities, salary, and educational and skills requirements.
Careers in Aviation provides detailed information about:
atc aviation Questions to Ask Yourself
aviation Aviation Career Descriptions
aviation Exploring Your Career Choice(s)
aviation Aviation College Choices
Careers in Aviation

Aviation Colleges

Aviation Colleges allows you to learn more about the various aviation colleges and universities that offer various aviation programs, curriculums, and aviation degrees.
Aviation Colleges provides detailed information about:
aviation aviation Aviation Colleges and Schools
aviation Aviation Degree Programs
aviation Preparing for College
aviation Selecting/Applying for College
Aviation Colleges

Learn to Fly

Are you interested in learning to fly to become a pilot? Access information about the entire flight training process, flight training costs, and flight schools.
Learn to Fly provides detailed information about:
aviation aviation Flight Schools Directory
aviation Flight Training Process
aviation Choosing a Flight School
aviation Becoming an Airline Pilot
Learn to Fly! - Flight Training
Aviation Maintenance Schools
Learn how to become an Aviation Maintenance Technician such as an Aircraft Mechanic or Avionics Technician by attending an aviation maintenance school.
Aviation Maintenance Schools will help you:
Careers in Aviation Blue Bullet Understand Job Duties and Responsibilties
Blue Bullet Explain Wages, Benefits, Job Outlook
Blue Bullet Explains process of becoming mechanic
Blue Bullet Find Aviation Maintenance Schools
Aviation Maintenance Schools and Technician
Center Dots
Paying for School
(Aviation Scholarships, Grants, and Student Loans)
Do you need financial aid such as scholarships, grants and loans to help pay for college costs? Paying for School explains the entire financial aid process.
Paying for School will help you:
Paying for School Blue Bullet Understand Financial Aid Process
Blue Bullet Search & Apply Scholarships
Blue Bullet Submit Winning Scholarship Applications
Blue Bullet Search Scholarship Directory
Pay for School
Center Dots
Paying for Flight Training
Need help paying for flight training? Flight training is expensive for most students. Learn about various aviation scholarships, financial aid sources, loans, and how to reduce flight training costs.
Paying for Flight Training will help you:
Paying for Flight Training Blue Bullet Identify Aviation Scholarships
Blue Bullet Apply for Financial Aid
Blue Bullet Reduce Flight Training Costs
Blue Bullet Understand Loan Options
Paying for Flight Training
Student Loans and Lenders 101
(Understanding student loans made simple)
Student loans are the largest source of financial aid. The student loan process has been simplified to make it easier for you to understand.
Student Loans & Lenders will help you as a borrower:
Student Loans and Lenders Blue Bullet Understand Student Loans
Blue Bullet Choose a Lender
Blue Bullet Understand Repayment Plans
Blue Bullet Know Rights & Responsibilities
Student Loans and Lenders 101
Aviation Employers
Internships and co-op programs are important when looking for an aviation job after graduating? Learn about various aviation jobs and aviation employers.
Aviation Jobs provide detailed information about:
Aviation Jobs - Aviation Employers Blue Bullet Internships & Co-Op Basics
Blue Bullet Aviation Job Sources
Blue Bullet Submitting winning applications
Blue Bullet Aviation Employers Directory
Aviation Jobs - Aviation Employers
Military Services
The U.S. Military Services offer various aviation career opportunities for men and women. Military aviation jobs prepare personnel for similar jobs in the civilian world.
Military Services provide information about::
Military Services Blue Bullet Civil Air Patrol
Blue Bullet JROTC and ROTC
Blue Bullet Military Service Academies
aviation U.S. Armed Forces
Military Services

Diversity in Aviation

Diversity in Aviation is essential. Many schools and employers are actively recruiting minorities and women to create a diverse learning and working environment in the aviation industry. Access various information, resources and tools to help you pursue a career in aviation.
Diversity in Aviation - Sedgwick H. aviation Minorities in Aviation
(African-Americans, etc.)
aviation Women in Aviation

Aviation Outreach Sectors

Outreach Sectors offer information, tools and resources for:
aviation Kids & Youth in Aviation
aviation Parents
aviation Educators

Aviation Online Communities

Visit the Aviation Online Communities to interact with students, parents, educators, and others to share stories, lessons learned, news, and events.
aviation Calendar of Events
aviation Aviation Forums
aviation Photo & Video Galleries
aviation Useful Links - Coming Soon!
aviation Tell-A-Friend

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