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There are many aviation career opportunities for both men and women in the military services as enlisted personnel and officers. Many military aviation jobs are good preparation for similar jobs in civilian world. For example, a high percentage of airline pilots receive their flight training and experience in the military.

The Air Force offers the greatest number of aviation-related training and employment opportunities to fly as a pilot or to work as an aircraft mechanic, air traffic controller, electronic or meteorological technician, just to name a few. The Navy and Marine Corps also have aviation jobs that are similar to those in the Air Force. Army aviation is mostly connected with the operation and maintenance of helicopters and subsonic light planes. The Army hires flight crews, ground service people, and weather specialists to support its operations. The U.S. Coast Guard operates aircraft for search and rescue purposes.

The U.S. Military Services employ many civilians for jobs in aviation, such as aircraft mechanics, engineers, technicians, and general office workers (i.e. secretaries and typists). These civilian jobs come under the Federal Civil Service, and employees perform many of the same tasks and receive the same wages and benefits as their counterparts in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or other Federal departments and agencies.

The purpose of the Military Services Channel on AvScholars.com is to provide you with the resources to help you make an informed decision about your education and career, if you are considering a career in the military. The programs and information presented within this channel is intended primarily for US citizens. Please read our Terms & Conditions regarding links to external web sites.

Military Services
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