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  About AvScholars.com
AvScholars.com (AvScholars) promotes education and career advancement for students interested in pursuing a career within the field of aviation. AvScholars strives to increase student awareness and access to educational information and resources in aviation to help them further their education and careers.

AvScholars’ goals are:
To assist in the future of aviation through public interest and education;
To stimulate an interest and inform students about the various careers opportunities within the field of aviation;
To function as a gateway to information and resources for students; and
To encourage and foster the exchange of information among students, parents, educators, and employers.

AvScholars.com was created by author and self-publisher Captain Sedgwick Hines, after its conception in 1999 as a spin off of the second edition of the self-published book Aviation Scholarships.  In order to provide students and parents with up-to-date and accurate information, Mr. Hines decided to use technology (via The Internet) to filter and distribute this information in a timely fashion.  The result was the creation of AvScholars.com.

AvScholars.com is our Internet initiative to help students and families plan for all aspects of a higher education, as they pursue a career within the aviation/aerospace industry.  The objective of our web site is to guide students and families through the entire process of furthering their education and career, entirely online at one location.  Much of the web site is still under construction, and we are continually gathering information to include here. Access to AvScholars.com is Free.

AvScholars.com will provide:
Detailed information on careers in aviation
Information on how to prepare and plan for college and flight training
Detailed information on financial aid to pay for school and/or flight training
Detailed information on internships, cooperative education programs, and other employment related issues
Free access to 7 searchable databases (My AvScholars)
Information on Outreach Programs for kids/youth, minorities, women, parents,and educators
Interactive tools and worksheets
And Much More

AvScholars.com is more than just a web site.  It is a communication platform for students, parents, and educators to exchange information, ideas, and tips.

Traffic Analysis
In March 2000, AvScholars.com was launched to help students and families plan and pay for school and flight training.

Since the launch of AvScholars.com, the web site has received:
Over 2.9 million visitors as of March 2003 (an average of 150,000 visitors/month), and
Hundreds of emails from students and parents requesting additional information and guidance.

We expect to continue this growth trend through aggressive marketing, publicity, and positive word-of-month.  Statistics and letters from our web site’s visitors is evidence that there is a demand for the free services provided on AvScholars.com.  If you would like to Become a Sponsor, click here.

Our Hopes…
For Students - We hope AvScholars.com will empower students, spark their curiosity, expose them to various educational and career opportunities, save them valuable time and most of all, help them succeed at pursuing a career within the aviation industry.
For Parents - We hope AvScholars.com will help parents in their efforts to support and share in their child’s education and career goals.
For Educators - We hope AvScholars.com will be a time-saving resource and reference tool for educators, worthy of their frequent use and recommendation.

Contact Information
Sedgwick Hines
AvScholars Publishing, LLC.
47 N. Cedar Lane
Glenwood, IL 60425


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