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  Step 3: How to apply
By now, you should have identified several sources that offer jobs, internships, or co-op programs in which you would like to contact and request an application. The process of applying for a job, internship or co-op position typically involves submitting a cover letter, resume, and completed application.

You should be able to obtain an application from your academic advisor, career/placement center, or internship/co-op coordinator.

Other steps involved in the application process are
Application Components
Supporting Documents
Completing the Application
Creating a Competitive Application
Putting the Package Together
Submitting Your Application
Preparing for the Interview
Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts
Completing an internship/co-op successfully

Application Components
Internship-co-op applications request the same basic information from each applicant such as:
• Contact Information
• Career Plans
• Education
• Work Experiences
• Skills
• Extracurricular Activities
• Achievements, Awards, Honors
• Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents
Most employer request supporting documents to accompany your completed application. Supporting documents give the internship/co-op coordinator or committee a “3 Dimensional Picture” of you. They can tell the coordinator more about you than your answers on the application. In many cases, supporting documents have been the deciding factor as to who will be offered an internship/co-op position.

There are various types of supporting documents such as:
Cover letter
Academic Transcript
Letters of Recommendation

In order to save time, you should begin preparing and gathering some of these documents before the application arrives. Once, you have this information, it is wise to keep all of your documents in an oversized envelope or folder to keep them clean and neat. Remember - first impressions are a lasting impression. So be CLEAN and NEAT! The importance of planning ahead cannot be overstressed.

Completing the Application
Once you receive the application, it is very important to read and follow all instructions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your academic advisor, internship/co-op coordinator, or career center. Failure to follow instructions and/or submit the supporting documents may disqualify your application. Remember, each application has its own set of rules and deadline date so follow the instructions, carefully.

After you have read all the instructions, you should make several copies of the original application to use as drafts. Place the original application in a folder to keep it neat and clean. When your final draft application is complete and free from spelling and grammatical errors, transfer your information correctly to the original application when you are ready to submit the application.

Creating a Competitive Application
A competitive application is neat, clean, and complete. In order to give yourself a competitive edge, you should type the original application. Typing your application ensures that it will be legible, uniform, and professional in appearance. Before you type on the original application, make copies and practice on them to figure out how much space you have for each answer and where to set the margins. When you are ready to transfer the information to the original application, take your time and avoid using correction fluid.

If you do not have a typewriter, your local library should have a few typewriters for public access. Ask one of your teachers or counselors, if you could use their typewriter to type your application. If you do not have access to a typewriter, use your best hand writing skills and a black pin, and print legible.

Before you start filling out the original application, you should make sure the surfaces where you are going to complete the application is clean. To ensure that the surfaces are clean, wipe them off with a clean wet cloth and then dry it off.

Once your application is complete, you should:
Make sure it is free from stray marks, stains, and wrinkles
Proofread it to make sure it is free from spelling and grammatical errors
Have someone else to proofread your application, again
Make a copy of the completed application for your records

Putting the Application Package Together
Once you have completed the application and gathered all the supporting documents, it is important to present the entire package in a professional manner and submit it on time. Employers will be impressed with the presentation and appearance of your application package.

Your application package is your SALES TOOL and it should:
Convey that you are serious, professional, and a worthy applicant
Demonstrate that you are the most qualified applicant
Convey that you have the ability and desire to succeed in your chosen career
Convince the employer to offer you an intern/co-op position

Do not staple or paperclip materials, unless the application directs you to do so.
Unless told otherwise, arrange the materials in the order that they are asked for in the application’s instructions.
Print your name in the top corner of every page (be consistent in the location of your name), and/or affix labels to other items like tapes or photographs, in case the application materials become separated.
Use a large manila envelope to keep everything neat and unwrinkled, and take it to the post office yourself to ensure that you attach the correct postage.

Submitting Your Completed Application Package - On Time
Many applications are disqualified because applicants fail to submit them on time. If an application’s deadline has passed, keep the information and apply next year.

 There are 3 methods to submit your completed application package:
Hand Delivered
Most application packages are submitted to your academic advisor, career center, or internship coordinator. If the internship/co-op coordinator’s office is located in your city, and you would like to hand deliver your application package, contact the coordinator or academic advisor to ensure this is an approved method. If you use this method, make sure you give your application package to the right individual or department.
Some employers indicate that your application must be postmarked or received at their office by a certain deadline date. If you are going to mail your application package, you have a few options such as: First Class, Priority, and Express mail.
It is rare, but some employers accept faxed applications. Before you fax your application package, contact the employer to inform them that you are going to fax your information within a few minutes. After faxing your application package, print a conformation report for your records and then follow-up with a call to make sure that it was received in its entirety.

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